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Want your child to excel in the three most important subjects - Science, Mathematics and English? The regular school curriculum offers a description based learning model, which lays no emphasis on hands-on experience. There is a huge gap between what is being taught and what the child’s capabilities can perceive. Therefore interactive learning is hindered.

Unified Council- India’s largest educational assessment services provider, now comes with the Unified Knowledge Box, a unique educational product that fills this gap with its activity-based learning paradigm and interactive experiments that unleashes the child’s power of learning.

The mission of Unified Knowledge Box is to offer students quality educational learning product, that will fascinate them with the wonders of scientific discovery and joy of interactive learning, which will spark their interest in project–based learning. Unified Knowledge Box is designed by a team of scientists, educators and content writers with a wide involvement of parents, teachers and students with a single minded purpose–to combine fun and fascination with quality learning in each and every product. All the activities put in these kits have passed the ultimate test–approval by multiple teams of science enthusiasts.

Knowledge box is unlike any other store bought science kits. It is, instead a continuous learning experience. The kits not only build upon each other but are interlinked in a continuum. This linkage enforces the learning of this comprehensive hands–on experience as opposed to a onetime wonder that children are likely to forget. Moreover, the projects, experiments and activities are integrated with your child’s regular curriculum. This provides an impetus to the understanding of the three important subjects : Science, Mathematics and English.

Knowledge Box was created to fill a void of good quality science products for young children which would engage boys and girls in an exciting and positive manner. We, at Unified Council, strongly believe that children should learn mathematics at an early age with fun and by engaging in games, activities and hands–on experiments that are accompanied by age–appropriate information on specific topics in Science, English and Mathematics.

Knowledge box works similar to a magazine subscription, in that, your child will be sent a complete kit on a regular basis. Each kit reinforces what was learned in previous kits as well as introduces the ones to be learned in future kits, creating a continuous curriculum of learning.

Knowledge Box comes in three categories:

Sub-Juniors for 3rd & 4th classes
Juniors for 5th & 6th classes
Seniors for 7th & 8th classes

Each series will have 5 kits. And each kit has 3 sections :

Mathematics English Science

Each kit is systematically designed with

Experiments | Activities | Projects | Games and Puzzles | Writing Activities

Flash Cards | Work Sheets | Do–it - Yourself Activities

These activities are guaranteed to keep your child glued to the knowledge box. They also cover a wide range of concepts in English, Maths and Science.

Each kit contains all the materials needed for the experiments except commonly available household objects. In addition, each kit contains specific instructions to perform the experiments. These instructions are simple and encourage your child to write down the observations, measurements, and conclusions. We strongly believe that children learn better when different parts of their brains are simultaneously active while performing experiments.

Your child will explore science through creative and interesting experiments while enhancing reading, writing and mathematics skills simultaneously. The kits are carefully assembled and contain clear & easy–to–follow instructions.



An insight :

English is more than a set of grammar rules. It can only be mastered through an intelligent combination of listening, speaking, reading and writing activities.

With fun games, flash cards and activities, your child not only learns new words but a holistic expression of ideas through enhanced writing and reading skills.

Mathematics isn’t just in numbers, it is everywhere. Drawing upon lots of real-life examples, your child’s thinking naturally progresses from concrete numbers to abstract concepts.

Piercing pins along the circumference of a circle of radius 7 cm, your child measures the perimeter of the circle using thread and scale and understands the mysterious nature of the constant.

Science is all about learning the way various forces interact and the nature of their interactions. It is the study of nature. Let your child’s natural curiosity be nurtured into strong scientific thinking.

With a bar magnet and compass your child draws the pattern of magnetic lines of force produced by the mutual interaction of the magnet and earth’s magnetic field. These kind of hands-on activities lets your child understand such abstract concepts as lines of force.



Here is what parents and teachers said about our knowledge box in the introductory workshop at Hyderabad.

1.“Through fun and educational activities, knowledge box supplements the education the younger children receive in school and creates a fascination with science”.

– Ms. Saroja, Teacher

2.“We encourage parents and teachers who are looking for scientific–education tools to go for the knowledge box”.

– Mr. Ramesh, Teacher

3.“My 10 year old child is glued to the knowledge box ever since I gave it to him. He is learning more without any additional burden. More than anything else, he is enjoying it”.

– Mr. Nagaraju, Parent

Smart Parents make Smart moves

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Unified Knowledge Box-Sub Junior For Classes 3 & 4 Rs.1800
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Unified Knowledge Box-Senior For Classes 7 & 8

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