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Posted at - 01-Dec-2022

Every school-going child should participate in Olympiads, and Why !



Your child may be the top ranker in the class of his/her school. But that is on a much smaller scale, as the competition there is limited and almost with the same competitors at all times.

The reality is that in future, the child will be required to face challenges in a much larger arena and on a much larger scale, with a tougher breed of competitors varying in number and calibre. How would your child perform then ? Will he/she still continue to be the topper ?

In order to get a glimpse of that, you should know his/her ability to withstand a competition across the country and compare his/her calibre with lakhs of other students, his/her peers. Unified Council’s Olympiads not only provide you a glimpse of that, but more importantly give you a clear picture of the areas in which your child is better than others and in which he/she needs to work harder to excel.

Even if your child is presently not a topper as such, in time to come, he/she still will have to face a competition much larger than he/she is facing today. And to be well-equipped with the required knowledge and skills to face that, the child needs to test his/her ability now and progressively, to keep self above others in the fray. Unified Council’s Olympiads help him/her assess his/her strengths and weaknesses in order to be prepared, always. The Olympiads are backed by a Student’s Performance Report -- a graphical analysis of the student’s strength and weaknesses in various areas of a subject, individually.

Once the picture about the strengths and weaknesses of your child is made clear through our Olympiad, his/her skill development can be streamlined in a proper manner and on the right course, to bring in constructive results.

The change that Unified Council’s Olympiads bring in, is always fundamental and progressive in nature, resulting in a positive change in his/her attitude towards various subjects, especially the ones he/she disliked before.

This paradigm shift in his/her attitude sets him/her on the right path with clarity of concepts, igniting the urge to understand and learn, rather than to simply rote and memorise. That provides a true motivation for the child to excel. What’s more ! The success is rewarded suitably by fitting Awards and Rewards from Unified Council.

That’s why Unified Council Olympiads are referred to as “The Foundation for success”.

Unified Council is India’s First ISO 9001 certified organization and has assessed more than 11 million students so far. The Olympiads are conducted annually across India and in 30 other countries.

Unified Council Olympiads have been certified “Best Olympiads” by the Times of India.

Unified Council Olympiads are: NSTSE,UIMO and UIEO


Registration is open to schools for institutional participation /individual direct applicants for all classes -- 1 to 10. Begin building your child’s career, now !

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