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Interpreting NSTSE Results

NSTSE is a unique test that gives you specific feedback that helps you to improve. The feedback is given in the form of three reports- Students Performance Reports: Your strength-weakness analysis and a question-wise analysis. These reports will help you pin-point the areas of Strength and weakness so that you can IMPROVE.

  • Raw Scores in each subject giving the actual marks scored by the student.
  • Certificate (of achievement or participation based on the performance)

Skill-wise Analysis

Detailed analysis of performance on the different skills in different subjects. This information gives a clear picture of strengths and weaknesses and helps the student focus on improvement. - Click here for Sample Report

Question-wise Analysis

For each question, the right answer, the percentage of students who answered correctly and the skill involved will be presented. An overall analysis of how the student has performed based on the difficulty level of the questions will also be provided.

Click here for Sample Report Front | Click here for Sample Report Back