Unified Monthly Olympiads (UMO) is a unique monthly Olympiad programme. These Olympiads are conducted online, per chapter, per subject, per month. The UMO provides a short, quick tour through sub-topics and details to check how deep and firm the roots of learning the fundamentals are.

This works like a refresher course on topics a student already knows. As it deals thoroughly with all sub-topics of a chapter, it brings about a truly all-round progress for every participant. A regular upkeep of this kind instils in them an attitude to be on their toes at all times, ready to take on a challenge, with a high degree of confidence and strive for the better each time.

After the test, an analysis is provided on the progress, sub-topic wise of that chapter. This helps a student know, where he/she stands chapter-wise and focus on sub-topics where he/she is weak. This helps a student strengthen command over each chapter thoroughly and be prepared for the annual Olympiad with confidence.

NOTE: A student who joins the UMO programme at a later date/time in its cycle, can still avail of the past exams from the programme, as those will be kept active on his/her dashboard. This is done in order not to deprive him/her of the benefit. Moreover, the past exams can be given at any time as per the student’s convenience.

UMO is available for Classes 1 to 10

Subjects covered : Mathematics and Science

Questions: Multiple Choice questions with single correct answer

No.Questions: 20

Time : 30 minutes (exam according to the pre-designed schedule, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.)

UMO Tests Syllabus & Schedule