All the years till date, we conducted our annual Olympiads in Schools/Test Centres, under the supervision of Teachers/Invigilators. This year, keeping in mind the safety of students, on the COVID-19 background, our Olympiads will be conducted online. And so this year, the parents will play the role of invigilators keeping an impartial vigil. In some cases, the parents may have to assist the student in getting started, but only till that.

Once the exam starts, we solicit parents’ impartial vigil and unbiased support and cooperation for the smooth conduct of this year’s Olympiads. And in the role of an invigilator, we trust that every parent will ensure that his/her child doesn’t cheat during the exam; neither will any parent help its child during the exam, so as to assess the true potential of the student.

We may allot the test date or allow you to select the test date based on the feasibility of participation of the number of students at one go or as the available data may permit.

The following information will be sent as and when necessary, to all registered students, through SMS/E-mail provided by them during the registration process.

  •   Date and time of exam
  •   Hall Ticket Number
  •   Guidelines for appearing for the exam
  •   Link to appear for the exam
  •   Other useful information.

In case of non-receipt of any of the above information 10 days before the date of exam., students should immediately write to informing about the same.

  • It is strongly recommended that a student appears for the online exam using a Desktop PC/Laptop/Tablet. Smart phones are neither recommended nor preferred.
  • Only in exceptional cases, with unavoidable circumstances, a student may use a smart phone to appear for the exam.
  • The Desktop/Laptop/Tablet/Smart phone must have good internet connectivity, a webcam (connected and on) and updated version of Google Chrome. A student may not be able to appear for the exam without these minimum requirements.
  • Students are required to read all questions only to themselves and not aloud. The voice level would be randomly recorded during the exam. for its permissible limits.
  • A student’s picture(s) may be grabbed randomly during the exam.
  • In case of a tie in deciding a rank because of the same marks, the time taken for completing the test is considered for deciding the rank. One who has taken less time for completing, gets the upper rank.
  • If there is a tie in the claim on a prize or an award, Unified Council may decide the prize/award winner, through a Zoom call interview-exam or by any other method as it may think fit. The decision of Unified Council will be final, irrevocable and binding on all claimants.

This year all Olympiads will be conducted in 2 levels.
First Level : In the first level, all Olympiads will be conducted online as stated above.

Second Level : Top 100 rankers from each exam and each class will be selected for the second level. The second level exams will also be conducted online from the safety & comfort of home; however, these exams will be Auto Proctored using AI tools. This means that a fully automated vigil will be kept during the entire course of the exam, through the camera, to ensure that the student makes a sincere and honest effort to test his/her ability/skill. Video grabs of the same shall be kept in store for sake of evidence in case such a need arises.

Based on the performance in the second level, top 100 performers from each class of each exam will be declared.

Second level exams may not be conducted for a few Olympiads/classes, if the prevalent conditions like no. of participants and result analysis do not permit. In case where the 2nd level exams are not conducted, results of the 1st level exams will be treated as final results.

Individual certificate and report will be made available digitally to every participating student, for downloading.

In case of suspected use of unfair means during the course of exam, tampering, etc., in single and/or in multiple number of cases, Unified Council reserves the right to cancel the exam. at individual and/or multiple level as it may think fit. No marks/certificates/refund of fee will be provided in such cases. Decision of Unified Council in all matters will be final and binding on all.

We look forward to whole-hearted support from parents in making the younger generation fundamentally stronger and more competitive, in their own interest.

The above information may be updated from time to time – students, guardians and schools are advised to visit this page regularly to keep themselves updated in this regard.