Unified Monthly Olympiads (UMO) is a unique monthly Olympiad programme. These Olympiads are conducted online, per chapter, per subject, per month. The UMO provides a short, quick tour through sub-topics and details to check how deep and firm the roots of learning the fundamentals are.

This works like a refresher course on topics a student already knows. As it deals thoroughly with all sub-topics of a chapter, it brings about a truly all-round progress for every participant. A regular upkeep of this kind instils in them an attitude to be on their toes at all times, ready to take on a challenge, with a high degree of confidence and strive for the better each time.

After the test, an analysis is provided on the progress, sub-topic wise of that chapter. This helps a student know, where he/she stands chapter-wise and focus on sub-topics where he/she is weak. This helps a student strengthen command over each chapter thoroughly and be prepared for the annual Olympiad with confidence.

NOTE: A student who joins the UMO programme at a later date/time in its cycle, can still avail of the past exams from the programme, as those will be kept active on his/her dashboard. This is done in order not to deprive him/her of the benefit. Moreover, the past exams can be given at any time as per the student’s convenience.

UMO is available for Classes 1 to 10

Subjects covered : Mathematics and Science

Questions: Multiple Choice questions with single correct answer

No.Questions: 20

Time : 30 minutes (exam according to the pre-designed schedule, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.)

UMO Tests Syllabus & Schedule

Unified Monthly Olympiad (UMO) online
with Remedial Tests:

Flow chart of the process:

The ultimate goal of conducting remedial tests is to offer comprehensive support to students, facilitating the enhancement of their academic performance and fostering an optimized learning journey. Through the meticulous analysis of individual strengths and weaknesses identified in the Unified Monthly Olympiad (UMO) analysis report, tailored remedial tests are provided to address specific areas of need for each student. This personalized approach not only empowers students to bolster their skills but also equips them to excel and stand out amidst their peers. By implementing targeted remedial strategies, students can efficiently utilize their time and resources, thereby maximizing their potential and achieving academic excellence.

Furthermore, by implementing remedial tests, we foster a culture of continuous improvement where students are empowered to take ownership of their learning and overcome academic challenges. This proactive approach not only helps students succeed in the short term but also equips them with invaluable skills for lifelong learning and success.