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Welcome to the amazing world of Success!

Worth Rs. 50 absolutely FREE of cost.

Ensuring a safe cruise, is the Success Series Book designed and developed exclusively for the smart kids of today and the future geniuses.

Unified Council provides ONE of the Success Series Books to every student enrolling for the NSTSE/SLSTSE, thereby helping them to sharpen their problem solving skills, prepare effectively for the exam and take it with a competitive spirit.

Success Series Books

Passport to Knowledge Republic - II & V

Moral Stories, Knowledge, Interesting Facts, Interesting Questions, Riddles, Puzzles, Ignite the mind, Firsts, Number games etc

Success Plan Junior

Be Cheerful!, How Well Do You Concentrate?, Mnemonics, Can You Think Sequentially?, The Joy of Orderly Living, Are You Pushing Your I.Q.?, Can You Identify Forms?, Memory Trace, Do You Have An Orderly Mind?, Do You Use Your Brain Power?, The Write Measure To Your Intelligence, Puzzles, The 100 Basic Words.

Success Plan

About Brain, Effective learning, How To Remember In A Better Way, Better Revision Technique, Mind Mapping Technique, Health tips, Unified Speed System of Basic Mathematics, Puzzles

Success Plan Plus

Reading Faster & More Efficiently, Relaxation Technique, How Keen Your Observation, Memory Methods, Puzzles.

Success Wizard

What is IQ, Stress Management, 25 Hours a Day, Your 12 Point Plan for Personal Success, How Leaders Solve Problems, How to Tell a Winner from A Loser, Sound Health, How to overcome Hollow Breathing, Impossible, The Lateral Thinking Puzzles, Food Prints of Good, The Lateral Thinking Puzzles- Solutions, Number and Math Play, Number and Math Play - Solutions, Science Puzzles, Science Puzzles - Solutions.

Success Plan Senior

You are special!, Fun with 'Doublets', Can't Remember? (Unforgettable ways to Boost your Memory), Possible Pairs, Classroom Listening and Note making, Logic Puzzles, Multiple Choice Tests, Algebra Game.

Success Blue Print

Winning Attitude and Success, Self Esteem is our Self Concept, Analock-i,
10 Traps of Studying, He believed he could save Millions of lives. So he did!, Analock-ii, Digi clue, Controlling your internal Tapes, Obstacles are power Generators, Brain Teasers, Goal Setting.

Success Unlimited

Determination, Control of the Environment, Number locker-i, 10 Steps in Learning to Learn, Number locker-ii, Ten Commandment for Managing Stress, Number locker-iii, How to Relax, She Believed she could become the Greatest woman Scientist, Lateral Thinking, Positive Thinking, You are a Genius now.

The topics covered under the Success Series are interdependent that support each other and are equally important. If a student improves on one topic they also show improvement in other areas.

At school a student is not taught on the techniques that can help them to improve their mind power. In order to supplement this learning we started a research institute to develop Success Series Books.

We at Unified Council took the onus, to teach students on how to improve and use their mind power to achieve success. The Success Series Book is one of its kind and is would be of tremendous help to improve a student's mind power and study techniques.